Press Release for University of No Name

For this assignment, we were given a scenario in which a press release would be needed. We had to take the facts from the scenario and create our own press release with only these facts.

For more information contact
Ashley Bourque
University of No Name

For release after 11:45 a.m.
Tuesday, Dec. 3rd


University of No Name board of trustees has decided to decrease its tuition by 10 percent for all students: in-state, out-of-state, graduate students and undergraduate students.

The table below shows the increase in tuition for the past 3 years. The final figures in the table will be reduced 10 percent for next year’s term.

Undergrad (in-state)          $650     $800        $1050

Undergrad (out-of-state)  $100     $1200     $1400

Graduate (in-state)             $750     $900       $1200

Graduate (out-of-state)     $1100  $1200     $1700

“I am extremely pleased that the board has seen fit to follow our recommendations on lowering tuition costs. During the past several years, we have had to raise tuition a number of times for all of our students,” the president said.

“Out-of-state have been particularly hard-hit. With more and more people attending junior college and other universities out of state, we have recognized that those who want to come to this university need some release.”

With the decrease in tuition, some programs need to be cut. No faculty or staff will lose their position because of these tuition cuts. The programs being cut include women’s studies, arts and science honors program, ornithology department, women and men’s golf team, human resources management institute, university hosts and hostesses program, and the department of Eastern languages. The geology department will be merged with the geography department.

“Unfortunately, of course, the board’s actions will have some negative effects on some parts of the university. Cutting tuition means a reduction in our income, and that reduction will have to be made up in other areas. We will not be able to offer as many programs as we have in the past. The students attending these programs, of course, must find alternatives,” the president stated.

More information about the university and the decrease in tuition is available on the university’s website at


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