The 1975 Concert Review

Kicking off the first of two sold-out nights at Alexandria Palace the 1975 has checked another venue off their bucket list. It has been more than a year since they released their self-titled debut album, which went platinum and more than two since they started what became an international tour. The frontman, Matty Healy confirmed that these would be the last tour dates in the UK for a while until their sophomore album is complete, so naturally, they went out with a bang.

10686915_807351012648331_2693821443456072697_n[2]Having to stick with the songs that gave the band their gigantic fan base they now have they kicked off the night with their big bass staple track “The City” before going into hidden classic “Milk”, which is a secret track on their “Sex” EP.  The track list was similar to their past gigs at venues like the Royal Albert Hall and the 02 Brixton. During the pop-funk songs “Settle Down”, “Heart Out”, and “Pressure” the band added a saxophone player, which add a somewhat cheesy but smooth eighties sound to the band’s set.

Despite being one of the four band members, Healy is clearly the leader. He was the only member to speak throughout the night and certainly owned the stage more than his cohorts. Constantly throwing his lanky body around the stage he held the neck of a red wine bottle in one hand and the microphone and cigarette in another.  He oozes the swagger that one expects from a rock star.

A highlight of the night was certainly the middle of the set when the band played two of its only ballad’s, “Me” and “fallingforyou”. Healy kindly requested that the audience “stop watching us through a screen and look me in the eyes.” The entire venue became dark except for the four lit up rectangles, the symbol that the 1975 have become associated with.

10259879_728324283884338_2167838324984624221_n[1]The show had a monochrome theme to it. The stage lights only being white while the band dressed in all black. The color mostly came from the music itself, with the exception of a red light flashing during the hit Sex. The color mostly came from the music, something the band has taken pride in from the beginning.

The show got a “fangirl” twist to it when Healy brought a fan onstage during their tragic love song ballad, “Robbers” which was inspired by the relationship in True Romance.  The fan sat on the edge of the drum stand as Healy kneeled in front of her pouring his heart out, while fans screamed from the floor.

The band played a 90-minute set in total but it was clear the fans could have heard them play for hours. Closing out the night the 1975 proved they are here to stay. Playing their biggest hits “Chocolate” and “Sex” they sent every fan home happy, but craving more.


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