Cross Platform Social Media Plan: Brown University


Brown University, in partnership with the student club, Shakespeare on the Green, is excited to announce the upcoming performance by Cambridge’s American Stage Tour (CAST). CAST will be performing Shakespeare’s “Taming of Shrew” at Alumnae Hall on October 30th and 31st at 8pm both evenings. Admission is free.

Brown University is one of the top universities in the United States. Founded in 1764, it prides itself on being the seventh-oldest college in the US, as well as being a member of the prestigious Ivy League. Located in Providence Rhode Island, the university is dedicated to serving its community, nation and world through discovery, communication and knowledge, as reflected in their mission statement. The campus’ diverse community is a direct result of Brown’s dedication to its mission statement. It is well known for on and off-campus for its global reach and cultural events that are brought to the campus each year.

Brown University has many forms of social media, but it is clear that the most popular are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each platform has an incredible following. For example the University’s Facebook page has over 170,000 likes. Brown encourages students to use the tag #brownuniversity to “join the community.” Using this hashtag, Brown promotes student work. For example Brown creates Facebook albums for each month that are filled with student photography. They also curating playlists that include the student’s favorite songs through the university’s Spotify account. When promoting events Brown uses the News section of their website and Facebook to advertise it. When using Facebook, they do not use the event tab Facebook offers and instead aim to drive the traffic to their own website, resulting in brief and formal posts.

Cambridge American Stage Tour (CAST) was established with sponsorship of Dame Judie Dench in 2000. CAST is known for showcasing the leading talent at Cambridge University, which includes actors, directors, designers and technicians, all who are on the verge of entering the professional theatre world. CAST’s mission is to bring the work of Shakespeare to the audiences of the United States. This year they have ten performances at universities and performing arts centers up and down the East Coast during the month of September.

CAST has three forms of social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All of the accounts have a fairly low following, even though they post quality content on all three sites. For example their Facebook page has just fewer than 400 likes. Every site has different behind-the-scenes information and photos, and reposts of the reviews they receive while one tour. They keep their interactions with fans consistent, through liking, replying, favoriting and retweeting their comments. What is most interesting about their social media, specifically Facebook is the number of interviews with the cast and the director posted on their sites. These interviews give a potential audience member an idea of what to expect from the show, and what the theatre company is all about. These interview posts provide the company with self-promotion without directly taking the form of an advertisement.


Facebook Posts

To be posted October 9th (Announcing the Event)

Announcing Event

To be posted October 20th (Keeping the Momentum Going)

Keep Momentum Going

To be posted October 30th (Day Of)

Day Of

To be posted November 1st (After the event)

After the Event


To be posted October 9th

October 9th

To be posted October 15th

October 15th

To be posted October 24th

October 24


Brown University has their own hashtag that they encourage students to use as a way to connect the community. Although this is a great idea it makes it difficult for users to find information on a single event. To make it easier to find social media posts on the event I went with the hashtag #CASTatBrown. I wanted to incorporate the name of the university in the hashtag because not only is it where the event is but it also is in their university’s personal hashtag. I added CASTat because it has the name of the theatre troupe that is performing at Brown. Since hashtags are also based on your location people who are in the Providence area might not know what exactly CAST is but they will be able to figure out from the hashtag that it is something at Brown and can click on the tweets to find out more information. This being said because this event is a play and audience member shouldn’t be tweeting during the show, when this hashtag is advertised I would recommended putting a warning that asks the audience not to tweet hashtag during the show but instead before, during intermission and after the show.

Twitter Influencers

@GoLocalProv- This Twitter is for the website There are known for reporting everything that is going on in Providence. Their Twitter has 22.6K followers and follows just under 3,500 people. I consider them a Rhode Island Twitter influencer because they cover everything from the arts to breaking news. They can reach a bigger audience than the students and intellectuals that follow Brown’s Twitter.


@KarenBordeleau1 – This is the Twitter for the senior vice president and executive editor Providence Journal. She has 596 followers. While this is not as big as the @GoLocalProv twitter, she is one of the biggest names in Rhode Island journalism. Her audience is other journalists around the state; so one tweet with her would give 100’s of journalists the information about this show.


@ProvidenceRI – This Twitter is the official Twitter of Providence. They have 25.4K followers. Their tweets are all about the different events going on in Providence. While @GoLocalProv reports about the different events, @ProvidenceRI just tweets out what is going on around the city. The reason why you would follow this Twitter would be to solely get information on events, so their audience is most likely people who like to do things around the city. Having them tweet out or retweet the event information would help to get the city involved with Brown University’s events.




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